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Dementia Care

Physical Disabilities Care

Having a physical disability should not prevent you from leading a full and active life where you are involved in your local community. Enjoying a life that is meaningful and gives you purpose, is equally important to all of us. We at Supreme Support and Care are dedicated to provide home care and support, for those who needs it most. It means that with the right support, you can live the life you choose. Moreover, you can certainly escape from the daily routine and enjoy each and every day.

As we are all different, We recognise each person and offer individual support, completely tailored for your needs. By all means this includes different interests and aspirations, you may have. Furthermore, our support team aim to focus on your unique strengths and abilities. Nevertheless we can work towards supporting you achieving your personal goals.  

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Supreme Disabilities Care

You deserve the best

Our Team is full trained and experienced in assisting people with various types of physical disabilities and mobility problems. This would include those brought on by health conditions, such as a stroke, or caused by accident or injury. Furthermore, we also support people with other disabilities including arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. All of these bring a range of physical side effects that can impact a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Our Supreme Support can fit in around your, or your friend or relative’s schedule.  Moreover, it can be organised into daily or weekly visits according to requirements.

Living with Physical Disabilities

While living with Physical Disability, does not necessary means that your life needs to be a burden to anyone. Although one thing is certain, a helping hands is something that it will make you day easy. Supreme Support and Care does promote independent living, however, our carers would happily assist you with daily routine – dressing, food preparation, to tidy up and get ready for bed. We could also help with a few light household chores while you or your loved one catches up with friends or enjoys a favourite hobby?

Our Care team is at the disposal to anyone who suffers from:

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Acquired brain injury

  • Spina bifida

  • Epilepsy

  • Arthritis

Best Physical Disabilities Support

Our Main focus, when it comes to support to people with disabilities is to enabling the person to do as much as they can for themselves. Moreover, we are doing this while ensuring to protect against any frustration, or feelings of failure. Supreme Support and Care do provide flexible and tailor the care and support to each individual client. Furthermore we always aim to offer highly personalised approach that can include bespoke training for our carers prior to their assignment with you/your relative.

How We Can Assist You

Supreme Support and Care can help you living with physical disability. Our physical disabilities care Service includes:

  • general household tasks such as cleaning and dusting, laundry, and light gardening
    help with food shopping and meal preparation

  • running errands like collecting pensions and prescriptions

  • personal care such as bathing, getting into and out of bed or a wheelchair, toileting, getting dressed and putting on makeup and/or grooming products

  • reducing hazards in the home to support safety

  • organising days out, including meeting friends or joining new clubs and taking part in hobbies

  • getting out and about in the community, from shopping to attending hospital and GP appointments

Physical Disability Care

Our Disabilities Care Service has enabled hundreds of people to lead their lives happily and independently at home, no matter the diagnosis. Furthermore, our management team is made up of highly qualified experts in the physical disabilities field and we pride ourselves on providing a premium, consultancy for people and families in who needs it across Watford, Hertfordshire, London and the surrounding areas.

If you required Physical Disabilities Care assistance, Supreme Support and Care is your best choice. Get in touch today and we will Take Care of the rest.

Better Care Starts with Us!
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