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About Us

Supreme Support and Care is leading provider of professional Care Assistants in Watford, Hertfordshire and North London. Moreover, we provide healthcare staff in the entire Hertfordshire area, in the past decade. Furthermore, we are proud to provide highest quality care assistants and care workers. As we are all aware how important is to provide with the right care assistance that works for everyone, it is important to point out that our care service is tailored for the specific needs of our customers.

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Support that Works for All

Supreme Care Work Agency

Supreme Support and Care provides you with an unique opportunity to become a Care Worker. Carrying for others, can not only become your carrier, but it could give you a purpose for better living.

Who We recruit?

  • Care Workers

  • Support Workers ​

  • Health Care Assistants

  • Registered General Nurses

  • Registered Mental Nurses

Supreme Support and Care Service


Nevertheless, our company is committed to provide quality care that is affordable, reliable and transparent. With that said, where possible we aim to increase the independence of our clients by supporting them to achieve their goals through companionship and activities. In addition, we also aim to offer services, which are flexible and respond to the changing priorities and needs of our clients. Moreover, Supreme Support and Care work together with families to keep our customers in control of their own care as far as they are able. Our dedicated, well-trained team is ready to work with care homes and other care bodies around to improve care standards.

At Supreme Support and Care we have committed ourselves to excellent care service practices.


As we are relatively small organization, we are proud to be able to building strong and healthy relationship with our customers. In addition, we would like to reassure you, that all of our care works is tailored for your needs.  


For more information about our nursing and care agency services, please contact us at

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Better Care Starts with You!
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